October 17, 2014

"I Like To Employ The Power Of No": Jared Leto

Jared Leto is backstage at a major concert venue in Romania just a few hours before his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, will headline for throngs of ecstatic fans. Leto could be boasting about the group's triumphant growth over the past decade, from minor opening act to bona fide phenomenon. (Two days before, the group packed a venue in Hungary, and tomorrow it will be Bulgaria, part of a worldwide tour that will extend from South America to South Africa.) Leto could be harping on his Academy Award earlier this year for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Instead, though, he is talking about enterprise software.

October 03, 2014

Jared Leto on why investing in Spotify isn't screwing over bands like his

October 2, 2014, 1:45pm EDT

Actor/musician Jared Leto has been showing up a lot lately as a startup investor. On Wednesday he showed up at the Techmanity conference in San Jose where he explained why he invested in Spotify's music-streaming service.

Jared Leto, who has battled music label "greed" as part of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, sees no contradiction between his pro-musician stance and his investments in Spotify's song-streaming service.

Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto buy a stake in Reddit as A-list invests $50m

Wednesday 01 October 2014

Reddit plans to use the cash to invest in new features, staff and mobile

It’s not often but you find Snoop Dogg rubbing shoulders with Silicon Valley’s elite but the rapper has joined some of the technology scene’s best-known venture capitalists in funding viral news site Reddit.

Reddit, which calls itself the ‘front page of the internet’, has raised $50 million from investors including the Drop It’s Like Its Hot singer alongside Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto, Sequoia Capital’s Alfred Lin and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

Techmanity Event Day 1, feat. Jared Leto - San Jose, CA - 10.1.14

Credit: Techmanity.