August 28, 2017

Thirty Seconds To Mars ft. Travis $cott perform "Walk On Water" on the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Aug 27, 2017

Thirty Seconds To Mars and Travis Scott perform “Walk On Water” on the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on August 27, 2017, courtesy of MTV.

“It took a village to be able to bring this idea to life. A very large village. When you do a show like the MTV Video Music Awards you have an opportunity to explore and experiment, to revisit the past or to push towards the future. We knew we wanted to do something that hadn't been done before. Playing in total darkness, capturing our performance via thermal signal and doing it live was complex, challenging and seemingly impossible but with the help of a very patient MTV and an enthusiastic team of creative dreamers we accomplished our goal. Working with Vatche and the incredible team at FLIR has been inspiring and an absolute pleasure.” – Jared Leto

Source: ThirtySecondsToMarsVEVO.

August 19, 2017

June 09, 2017

Oscar-winner. Rock star. Style icon. Is there anything Jared Leto can’t do?

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Jared Leto made a three-word resolution for 2017. ‘Don’t. Waste. Time.’ He raps his fist on the table to emphasise each word. He has been reading a book by the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca on the ‘shortness of life’, he explains, his turquoise eyes shimmering under the California sun. ‘It’s incredible that this guy lived a couple thousand years ago and you read it and it sounds like someone who’s alive right now. We’re on borrowed time. We only have so much energy. It’s important for me to spend it really wisely.’

If Leto, 45, has been pissing around up to this point, you worry what he might accomplish when he gets serious. He has spent a career diving head first into roles — as teen idol, oblivion-seeking hedonist, method actor, emo frontman, rock-climber, start-up founder, fashion plate — and always landing on his feet.