October 27, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE] The Echelon Plants Trees In Haiti to Honor Jared Leto’s Big 4-0!

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The blue-eyed babe who played Jordan Catalano, arguably the most crush-worthy high school slacker of all time, arose from the ashes of his so-called life to become the fiery lead singer for one of the biggest bands of our generation. And now Jared Leto is approaching yet another major milestone…he’s  exactly 2 months away  from being an over-the-hill hottie!

So how are 30 Seconds to Mars fanatics– known collectively as The Echelon – planning to celebrate Jared’s four epic decades on Earth? In typical 30STM fashion, they are blowing off the lame-o cake and candles routine for a much grander statement.

The Echelon Donates -- an initiative started by two super dedicated devotees, Alicia Zen and Sophie Kat, was created to support and promote charities close to the band’s heart. Recently they decided to honor their fav rock astronaut by collaborating with Timberland, the urban boot behemoth, and Trees for the Future Partnership on their Yele Vert reforestation and agricultural training project in Haiti, where currently less than 2% of their natural forest is still in existence. Trees are the main source of fuel and food in Haiti which is why there’s a big need for ‘em.

Apparently Jared lived in Haiti as a kid– it’s the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere -- and he recently returned to tour his old home, which is still recovering from a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people one year ago.

Donate dough to this tree of life-esque gift and have your Twitter handle added to birthday cards that will be presented, along with the check, to J. Leto -- and if you’re strapped for cash, there’s an app for that. Timberland will plant 1 million real trees in Haiti if you and your Facebook friends can raise that many virtual ones first! It's kinda like playing FarmVille but actual, real-life trees will benefit a country! And if you can't get enough of Jared -- the uber creative artist took photos for a charity book that will contribute 100% of its proceeds to orgs helping the disaster’s survivors.

Source: MTV Act.

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