October 16, 2011

Jared Leto Hardcore Smizes, Wears Super Tight Suit In New HUGO BOSS Fragrance Ad

Posted 10/14/11 4:12 pm ET by Chrissy Mahlmeister

Wait, WHAT. Jared Leto. In a new HUGO BOSS Just Different fragrance commercial. Smizing SO HARD we're practically dead. Like, his piercing blue eyes are so intense we can't tell if he wants to douse us in perfume and light us on fire or hardcore make out. HOW. DOES. HE. DO. IT. Echelon, you feel me on this one? So hot, right? And this too-intense-for-life stare is literally within the FIRST SECOND on the commercial. First second! There's still 19 glorious seconds left to drool over, and by golly, we will. I mean, after he was named the face of Hugo Boss's Just Different fragrance in the spring, we've been stalking Mr. Hugo like a BOSS. (Lamest joke ever!) But, we're going to be honest here, we weren't prepared for this

Throughout the commercial he's (literally) flipping his world upside down with every shake of the bottle, and then, BAM. He's in da club with his bros, and they're all walking in slow motion. He looks soooo cool. I mean, not because of the slow motion, but because of that suit! It fits disgustingly well in all the right, erm, places, and the skinny tie just puts it over the edge. Plus, we kind of love how he left the tie loose to let us know that he's cool, calm and collected. (You don't need to tell us twice.) Also, you guys, Jared's ALMOST 40. He hasn't got a wrinkle anywhere on him (not even on that suit!), so we're convinced he's reverse aging andddd we're jealous. OK, time to watch the commercial a billion more times now. Bye.

Source: MTV Style.

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