October 18, 2011

Jared Leto Interview on Be Magazine

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Dear Jared Leto, you’ll do a tour in France in November with your group « 30 Seconds To Mars ». Do you have a special relationship with France? 
Yes. I love France. The people, the food, the art, the culture. It’s a magical place.  

What’s the meaning of “30 Seconds To Mars”?
It’s about progress and technology. The name works for us because it represents the sound of our music well. It’s a name that make one ask questions, a name that is different, and imaginative. 

The title of the album is “This Is War.” You are at war against what? 
Ultimately, ourselves. This is a concept album about conflict. The battle is a metaphor used to illustrate the struggle to realize dreams and live life free from the negative constraints of society and self. 

You realize your own clips (music videos). You sing, you play, you realize, what you don’t do or make?
Crepes. :) There’s a lot I do but much more I don’t do. I enjoy challenges and diving into new territory but I don’t feel the need to have to do everything all the time. 

These clips (music videos) were made in China or Greenland, where do you think you will realize the next one?
Recently we shot in NYC and that was incredible. It was a chance to turn the camera on a city I’ve always loved.  

We see you frequently on Terry Richardson’s blog. Is fashion look and hair important for you ?
No. And no. It’s all about fun. Terry is a friend and we enjoy working together. He is a true artist and always creates something special and unique in front of his camera.

Are you a sort of chameleon ? 
More of a monkey or a wolf depending how much sugar I have eaten. 

You are the face for the new perfume “Just Different” from Hugo Boss. Tell us about your relationship with that particular brand.  
It was just a fun experience all around. I had the opportunity to work with friends and that helped make the experience really wonderful. 

The girls are really fan of you. Do you think about what?
Not really.

Who is Bartholomew Cubbins?
He is a complete lunatic who should be put in a hospital. Actually, I think he was and escaped. Unfortunately a bit talented so we keep ending up with him directing our videos. But what a royal pain in the ass he is. 

The public knew you as an actor with such films as Fight Club and Requiem for a Dream. What place do you spend now to your acting? 
Mr. Nobody was the last film I made. Four years ago. It was a wonderful experience and maybe my last. 

Play on stage before thousands of fans, is it more exciting than the comedy?
It’s a very unique one. And we are so grateful for that gift. We will tour till December and play over 300 shows over the last two years. Incredible and unforgettable. 

What is your best memory in concert in France?
I hope that will be in the future, during our tour of france in November!

Who is your favorite French singer?
Serge Gainsbourg.

Source: JaredLeto.com.

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