July 24, 2013

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar Competition

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar Campaign: This weekend @MTVMUSICUK kicked off the voting for the top 50 contenders, of which 30 Seconds To Mars is currently in the running! The campaign includes a live online leader board alongside TV shows on MTV, MTV Music, MTV Base and MTV Dance. Many of these shows will also have a live feed to show which artist is getting the most votes per minute.

To vote for 30 Seconds To Mars , simply tweet #MTVHottest 30 Seconds To Mars.

@MTVMUSICUK knows we'll want to do everything we can to ensure they name that much top spot, so they've created an asset pack full of social images for us to share with you!

30 Seconds To Mars are currently sitting in 28th position with fierce competition from Jennifer Lopez and Ellie Goulding. They're also hot on the heels of Wretch 32 and Rita Ora. With over 30 million votes already cast and the campaign running until August 18th, there's plenty of time to help 30 Seconds To Mars be crowned King's of the MTV Hottest Summer Superstar!

Below is a schedule of 30 Seconds To Mars' MTV Hottest Summer Superstar shows, along with the dates for when there will be a live feed of which artist is getting the most votes per minute - so tweeting here will really help your favorite artists out!

Thirty Seconds to Mars' TV Shows on MTV Music!

Wednesday 7th August - 1pm GMT (MTVHOTTEST: THE BOYS)
Thursday 8th August - 6pm GMT (MTVHOTTEST: THE BOYS)
Tuesday 13th August - 11pm GMT (MTVHOTTEST: THE BOYS)
Friday 16th August - 11am GMT (MTVHOTTEST: THE BOYS)

Live TV Tweet Feed - The best time to vote!!!

Monday 22nd July - 9pm GMT
Tuesday 23rd July - 3pm GMT
Wednesday 24th July - 1pm, 6pm, 9pm GMT
Friday 25th July - 1pm GMT
Saturday 27th July - 4pm GMT

Monday 29th July - 1pm GMT
Tuesday 30th July - 6pm, 9pm GMT
Wednesday 31st July - 3pm GMT
Thursday 1st August - 4pm, 9pm GMT
Sunday 4th August - 3pm GMT

Monday 5th August - 4pm, 9pm GMT
Wednesday 7th August - 3pm, 6pm GMT
Friday 9th August - 1pm, 5pm GMT

Monday 12th August - 4pm, 9pm GMT
Tuesday 13th August - 11am, 6pm GMT
Wednesday 14th August - 3pm GMT
Thursday 15th August - 6pm GMT
Friday 16th August - 5pm, 7pm GMT

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Thank you so much to @MTVMUSICUK for the info + the social images!

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