September 24, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Jared Leto featured in RAISE Magazine

*** Excerpt from Article ***

"What inspired you for this new album?"

"Travelling all over the world, performing in hundreds of concerts, more than 300 shows; all the things we learn, and see. It can come from the sunrise of Lebanon or the sunset of California. The multitude of things we take from that, the people we meet – it helps to build ourselves, personally and artistically."

"When you’re on tour, do you have time to visit and enjoy the city?"

"Yes, I do. For example, if my day today ends around 7pm, I will jog around, and when I’m off when travelling, it’s cool, even more in a city I love. During our last tour, I spent a lot of time in Paris and I loved it.

*** Exclusive behind the scenes shoot ***

"On the D-Day, the photographer, the journalist and I go to the prestigious hotel of rue Saint-Honoré. I think we never sweat that much. We wait in the corridor, hundreds of people passing by: music press, radio... And then, our time has come. The journalist goes alone into the huge room bathed in sunlight. With the photographer, we pull bed sheets in the corridor to build our set. Ten minutes later, the journalist is back, his eyes sparkling from what is the most beautiful day of his life."

Get your copy of RAISE Magazine to see more!!

Thanks to Daphèe Davoise.

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Amanda Youra said...

a year in the life of Jared, so that's how it's done

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