January 05, 2014

30 Seconds To Mars to Perform "City Of Angels" on the Ellen Degeneres Show

ON AIR Friday, 01.10.14

Following a five-year break from acting, JARED LETO returned to the screen this winter with "Dallas Buyers Club," and he's garnered a Golden Globe and a SAG nomination! He sits down with Ellen to fill her in on how he spent his time away from filmmaking, and how he prepared to portray a terminally ill AIDS patient. Jared's impressive career began with his breakout role in "My So-Called Life," and continued in movies like "American Psycho" and "Requiem for a Dream." There’s Oscar buzz for his new movie, and Ellen will find out how he feels about it all!

When the conversation ends, the music begins as Jared joins his band THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS to perform their hit "City of Angels" from their latest album, "Love Lust Faith + Dreams." The rock trio's fourth LP has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and takes a new direction from their prior releases with its rolling themes and symbolic inserts. Echoing the town around them, the band takes the stage!

Source: Ellen TV.

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