January 05, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club, feat. Jared Leto, Blu-ray / DVD Realease Date February 4, 2014

Matthew McConaughey
Jennifer Garner
Jared Leto
Dallas Roberts
Jane McNeill
Steve Zahn
Kevin Rankin
Griffin Dunne
Juliet Reeves
Michael O'Neill

Jean-Marc Vallee

In the mid-1980s, Bull rider and electrician Ron Woodroof is a hard-living redneck who spends his life drinking, doing drugs, swearing and sleeping around. He is very rough around the edges, and he is deeply prejudiced against gay people. When he is injured on the job and is told at the hospital that he has AIDS and only has a month to live, his first reaction is vitriol. Soon, though, he becomes determined to extend his life by whatever means he can. He learns of an experimental drug called AZT, and when the hospital refuses to give it to him, he decides to secure it for himself by traveling to Mexico with the help of his new transsexual friend Rayon, who will challenge his prejudices.

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Thanks to Rachel.

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