March 06, 2014

Food stamps, living in a truck with his 'dirt poor, vagabond, hippy single mom': The heartbreak and hardship behind Jared Leto's moving Oscar tribute to his mother

March 4, 2014

It was the most emotional and heartfelt acceptance speech of the Oscars.

Jared Leto, who won the Best Supporting actor award for The Dallas Buyers Club, paid tribute to his mother for encouraging him to believe he could one day become a star.

He said she had pushed him to develop his artistic side and always urged him to 'do something special'.

But standing on the stage at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre soaking up the adoration from his peers couldn't be further from his 'dirt poor' start in life.

Up until the age of eight, Leto led a transient lifestyle with his 'vagabond,hippy mum' Constance and elder brother Shannon.

The boy had been shunted from school to school as the family moved around various states.

During one turbulent period the family even lived in a truck before finding temporary place to stay..

The family, living in Bossier City, Louisiana, survived on food stamps and at times were so poor they did not have a television.

But that poverty-stricken beginning was also the making of Jared.

He has spoken in the past about how they grew up learning to play instruments with a set on bongos ever present around the home.

Dressing up and expressing his artistic side was encouraged by Constance, as photos released by Jared on blogs and social media sites have revealed.

It wasn't until Constance met Dr Carl Leto in 1979, when Jared turned eight years old, that the youngster would have some stability in his life as the family settled in Virginia.

Not only did Dr Leto give a young Jared his surname after adopting him and his brother Shannon, but he has nurtured his talent and encouraged his artistic abilities.

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