May 20, 2014

Jared Leto Talks Oscars Speech, Afrojack, and Being a Dad One Day

May 20, 2014 7:51 am

Oscar winner, rockstar, and all-around sex symbol Jared Leto (and his long, beautiful hair) graced On Air with Ryan Seacrest with a special in-studio interview on Tuesday morning.

Before jumping into what his band 30 Seconds to Mars has going on, Ryan first complimented Jared on his Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club and the heartfelt speech he dedicated to his mother, Constance.

But Jared explained that when he first got up on the stage to accept his award, his mother wasn’t the first person he noticed in the audience.

“Funny thing happened … when you standing there in front of all these incredibly inspiring and impressive people you’ve grown up watching … everybody’s there. And I locked eyes with Robert DeNiro at the beginning of my speech and he’s like [makes a serious face]. He’s looking at me, ‘You’re gonna screw this up, kid.’ And I was kind of like, ‘You know what, I’m going to put my eyes back over at my mom.’ I saw a lot of love and pride [on my mom's face] … When you have those moments you can make a choice to take that light that’s shining on you and reflect it back on other people that are important to you.”

Now, Jared is back focusing on music with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. Their latest single is a remix of their track, “Do or Die,” by none other than Afrojack.

“It was a lot of fun, and it’s kind of our little summer song,” says Jared of what some may describe as an unlikely pairing. “I think it’s good to do things that are unexpected. It keeps it exciting and collaboration is always an interesting thing. A couple of years ago, I invited Kanye West to sing on a song and everyone was like, What the?’ But it was really cool and it let to all these other collaborations with him.”

Jared will soon be hitting the road with 30STM on the Carnivores Tour with Linkin Park and AFI. Despite the name of the tour, Jared is a vegan … or rather, a “cheagan,” as he puts it.

“I’m a vegan most of the time until I cheat,” he explains. “Yesterday, I was at some restaurant and they made this Ding-Dong thing out of red velvet and I just had to … so it’s a cheat.”

But one thing the 42-year-old singer-actor has been dedicated to is not getting married … at least, not yet. “I joke with my [older] brother, Shannon. I say we have skipped our first divorces, which is kind of nice. I also say we’re getting so old when we have kids, they’re going to come out and instead of saying ‘Dad,’ they’re going to say, ‘Grandpa.’”

Jokes aside, Jared adds that he feels with age comes wisdom. ”I think that getting older is great. You have so much more to offer. You’re so much more patient. You’ve learned a lot of lessons you can share. I know people who were older when they had kids and that’s a really great thing. My mom was super young when she kids and that was great too, so it depends on the person.”

For more from Jared, watch the video or listen to the audio above! Also, “Do or Die” — off the band’s LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album — is available now on iTunes and for tickets for the Carnivores Tour, check out


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