November 18, 2014

#IntoTheWildOnVyRT Giveaway Rules

Hey there! We are giving away THREE, yes THREE, Season Passes for #IntoTheWildOnVyRT, the 30 Seconds To Mars Original Series.

To enter, you must:

- Like us on Facebook;
- Follow us on Twitter, at @CiMarsLover;
- Follow our Team Leader, at @Cinzia_Leto;
- Tweet us or leave a comment on Facebook answering the question: "Why do you want to win?"

The winners will be announced on Friday 28th.

We are giving away also a VIP Season Pass, sponsored by our friend Jennifer Dunlap, @echelon1969 on Twitter.

To qualify for a free VIP Season Pass to #VyRTIntoTheWild, you must:

- Get your local radio station to mention on the air that 30 Seconds to Mars will be launching a new Web series about their award-winning, record-breaking tour "Into the Wild" on VyRT; OR
- Get the VyRT series posted as an event on your local radio station's or newspaper's online Events calendar for the entire series (each Sunday, with link to VyRT).

The winner will be the FIRST person who can prove they have done this by providing:

- An audio recording of the promotion on the radio; OR
- Written documentation from the radio station that they promoted "Into the Wild" on VyRT on the air (by email is fine, if can be verified); OR
- A screen grab showing the radio station's or newspaper's online calendar, with "Into the Wild" posted as a repeating event.

In the event of a tie (proof submitted within < one minute of one another), a drawing will be done between the two finalists, with the runner up receiving a regular Season Pass.

Hurry up, the contest will run until November 30th, but if someone will complete the mission earlier, and we really believe it' ll be like that, we' ll announce the winner immediately!

Good luck!!

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