January 09, 2015

#GiveHelp Project - Call #2 - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Guess this girl deserves an #IntoTheWildOnVyRT Season Pass, what do you think? If someone is available to gift her the pass, they can contact us on Twitter at @CiMarsLover. Share the love Echelon!

UPDATE: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The amazing @MGOOD10 on Twitter will gift her a Season Pass!


Janette Hart said...

Hi Nadya,

I hope I can help a bit with the speech difficulty you have. Since I was a little kid I have had difficulty saying any word beginning with a 'th' such as thunder, so it comes out a an 'f' funder. Like you I was very conscious of this when I was young so I understand how it might be effecting your confidence. It is a hard thing to change, and I understand there are some Apps now available that can help with speech therapy. Personally for me I have just learnt to live with it. If I am in a situation with family and friends and I get it wrong I will probably just laugh it off. However if I am in a professional situation and I stumble I do the following. Sometimes you will falter over a word because your brain is expecting the problem to happen. If this happens just pause, give time for your brain to work out the correct pronunciation and then say the word. Just be confident in doing so. You mentioned that you thought that people where revolted by you speech. Please don't feel so. They probably are just picking up on your lack of confidence. What would really help is if you build up your confidence in talking to people. This just takes practice:)

With the job interview, the best tip I can give you is to do some research into the business you are interviewing for before hand. This will show to the employer that you are really serious about this interview. Be yourself is also key, they want to interview YOU. Smile, look them in the eye. Be on time. Be polite, say thankyou. Sure you already know this.

Anyway, if you want to talk further, just DM me on @Netty47Heart :)

Luv Netty

nadya said...

Thank you so much! I'll try to use your pieces of advice :)

BuddhasMary said...

There are some speaking exercises ob youtube you may try. http://voiceandspeech.com/voice-problems.html# - Wish you lots of luck :)

olga said...

It is so good!!! +1

Beth said...

I'm not too adept in speech difficulties, but I know a thing or two about interviews. My biggest problem in them has always been getting super nervous beforehand, and either talking to fast (to the point where I come across as a blubbering idiot), or not keeping quiet, and talking for much longer than I needed. Some things that have put me at ease is learning what to expect in terms of questions:

Trying to familiarize yourself with the company. Be able to answer why you like the place, and what made you want to work there. (I got a job with a hospital once by telling them "You've always treated me well as a patient; I want to be able help this place in return.")

This is your chance to prove why you're awesome, and why they don't need to look for another person. So...what makes you...you! Why do you rock out loud (as I'm quite sure you do).

Play up your strengths. What are you really good at? Have you ever lead a project? Developed a new idea? Managed a team, or a business?

Present any weakness as learning moments. They will ask about weaknesses you have, but display them in a positive light. Such as, "Some people find my lack of experience as a weakness; however, I'm highly trainable, have an open mind, and learn extremely quickly. Working with this company will give me the chance to grow and learn, and I can bring to the table my focus, flexibility, and dedication to do the best job possible."

The trick to trying to keep your cool is remembering: you got the interview! Some people don't even get that far. So the fact that you're in there being spoken to shows that they saw something in your application/resume that interested them. Not all applicants are interviewed. Interviewers anticipate you to be nervous. That's just part of the deal.

I hope some of this helps! BEST OF LUCK!!!!

Polina#LRF said...

Hi, Nadya!

About the interview.

First, try not to be nervous.

Secondly, it’s necessary to prepare. Create yourself a small plan. Learn something about the company in which you want to work. Often asked to tell about yourself. So prepare a speech about your achievements, study, previous work. Be brief and concise. Speak loudly, clearly and confidently. You can mention a hobby,
especially if it’s not standard. In addition, some are asking about the shortcomings. So think in advance about it and how it can be turned into your positive features.
This is your opportunity to tell why they need is you. Be youself.

Third, whether assembled, listen carefully. Prepare questions. The employer likes it, that you show that you are seriously interested.

Fourth, don’t be afraid of questions. People often ask: why do you want to work with us, and how do you see yourself in the company of a few years.

Well, the standard advice: be punctual, don’t be late. Don’t forget about eye contact. Think about your clothes.

Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on twitter @p_polik.

nadya said...

thank you! definitely will try what you've said)

BuddhasMary said...

Hi, Nadya :) I've sent you an youtube video for speaking exercises, but i guess it's not allowed here and it's ok. Well it's absolutely normal to be nervous before a job interview. But I recommend to do speak exercises, there are lot of advises on google. Speaking loud is a good exercise. I'm not an expert but if you do it everyday for some minutes e.g while combing your hair or under the shower. I'm sure you'll make it :) You're courageous, not everyone would write here abt a problem. I wish you luck, if you like to ask me something, you can find me on twitter. Love

nadya said...

thank you for a good adviсе :)

Phoenix said...

the name I chose is related to an event in my life. I saw death, did not die but it changed me. I had a second chance and a second life to live. I am living it better than before, and one of the changes is related to help other people, so I belong to a Pro Bono group in my country and help with my technical skills other people wihout resources to have a lawyer because I am not paid. It was an extraordinary and unforgatable experience - a lesson in life !

BuddhasMary said...

It would be great to know about your progress :)

nadya said...

Thanks but I think the progress will be not earlier than in a half-year so maybe I'll notify twitter account CiMarsLover about my results as it happens)

BuddhasMary said...

Of course some things take time, but I'd be happy to know and I guess CiMarsLover 'd like to know too :)

nadya said...

Sure. I'll post something if I am successful :)

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