January 14, 2015

#GiveHelp Project - Call #3

If you have some useful info please comment below or contact us on Twitter at @CiMarsLover. Thanks!


Janette Hart said...

Good luck with the job hunt Meghan. I cannot help but admire your courage in overcoming your struggles over the past few years. Keep positive, driving ahead to reach your goals and you will achieve them.

Donna Pullen Sanchez said...

Your story is mine. wow so much alike. I to had 2 back surgeries. got hooked on pain meds. Ive been clean 8 years in Feb. :) I have a degree in criminal justice. after getting clean I to began looking for work in my field. no one wanted to higher an ex junkie. So I started to re evaluate my job skills. I now work and like in a clean and sober house. I love it. It gives me a home and a pay check. I believe we go thru what we do as a learning process. we learn it. then teach it.
all Im saying is maybe your having trouble finding work in your field cuz its not your calling anymore.
good luck. happy journeys to you.
Donna @donnamsan twitter

Jeanie Just Love said...

*raises my hand* I need help!! I need to get to either, CAMP MARS, in Malibu, this year, or DUBAI, this year. I feel a strong responsibility, and urgency, (ever since I started corresponding online) to be there, but yet have no financial means. I've been very supportive of the band and Jared, for years, and, I also love the ECHELON too. Please help me fulfill my promises (to myself), to be a part of this family❤️ I will work for it, if I need to. I'm really talented and gifted in many different ways. You just have to be specific, when asking me to do something. I swear, I'm good for it. And I don't wanna wait till the NEXT LIFE, to make a difference, in this one. Your regards on my temporary situation, are greatly appreciated.
Jeanette N. Chong Wong
-aka- jeaniejustlove
(808) 636-1449

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