January 07, 2015

#GiveHelp Project, in Honor and in Name of 30 Seconds To Mars

Hi everyone! Let us introduce you #GiveHelp, our new Project in Honor and in Name of 30 Seconds To Mars!

We believe so much in the Echelon Family, so how can each family member help make the family a happy one?

During our #IntoTheWildOnVyRT Giveaways sessions, asking why you couldn't afford a Pass, we realized that many people are in need, many problems are around, many situations 'd deserve more attention, but even that sometimes it's easy put a smile on someone's face.

So we want to HELP YOU, but we need YOUR HELP!

What's wrong with your life? Are you looking for new friends? Do you need some advices or to spread the word about an idea, a project? Medical issues? Are you sad? Why? Anything else?

Email your story, full name and twitter username at GiveHelpInHonorOfMars@gmail.com.
We'll do our best to help you spreading out your issues and trying to find a proper solution with the rest of the Echelon Family!

If you don't have a particular problem to share but you are available to help, please spread the word! Tell everyone you know about the project! Make a difference! Thank you very much in advance!

We really think that all together we can do great things, in Honor and in Name of 30 Seconds To Mars.

So, HELP and get HELPED!

Team 30 Seconds To Mars Support
Project idea: Cinzia Leto


- Please don't ask for money, everyone needs it. That's allowed ONLY if your problem is very different and serious.

- Don't ask for MARS related stuffs ( for ex. personal informations about the band members, etc).

- Remember, your story and informations will be posted publically, so writing you are automatically givin us the autorization to do that.


Since we launched the project, someone has got the advices and the information who needed, someone else some Mars merch or gift cards for the Official Mars Store, Season Passes for #IntoTheWildOnVyRT and new friends!

Unfortunately some "missions" are still unaccomplished, but for sure it's no easy find a job for someone else or help to solve life's complicated situations, fingers crossed!

Missed something? HERE you can find all #GiveHelp calls!

Thank you so much to the amazing people who helped and to the awesome ones who are spreading the word daily about this project! YOU rock!

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