April 25, 2015

First Official Photo of Jared Leto as the Joker

Here is the FIRST OFFICIAL (and not leaked!) Photo of Jared Leto as the Joker! What do you think??

Courtesy of David Ayer, the Suicide Squad director.

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Modernmyth Angel said...

Omg, he is sooo gonna ROCK this role!! When an artist as passionate about his work as Jared obviously is, he will - without a doubt- give it his all. I know there's many people out there who are already trying to make comparisons with the much loved (& much missed!) late, great, Heath Ledger. And yes, he was fantastic playing this role. But with Jared, I'm already thinking he'll definitely be putting his own little spin on things here! The enthusiasm he puts into every single role he's played so far (and c'mon, let's face it..you've gotta give the guy his due for dedication at having to put on in excess of 60lbs for his role in Chapter 27!!) surpasses many others & his flair for originality will, I think, blow us all away. I for one, cannot wait for this to hit the big screen! I think he will definitely nail this role BIG time!! (Oh, and the make up is FREAKIN' AWESOME too BTW!!) xx

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