April 10, 2015

See Jared Leto's green Joker hair in all its glory

April 10, 2015 8:36 am

We’re apparently getting Suicide Squad delivered to us one tweet at a time. Director David Ayer tweeted a photo of the cast at the first table read on Wednesday, and while it was a pretty packed pic, it was notably missing Jared Leto. Some thought he might have taken the picture, and we thought he was probably off perfecting his hair.

The photo is notable in a couple of ways. First of all, we see the green hair! Hooray! It’s green! And blurry! And that’s all we can really tell. But the photo is also a really fun reference to the cover of Batman: The Killing Joke, the Alan Moore comic which provided the Joker’s origin story.

We presume all further information about the movie will be coming through Ayer’s Twitter feed, so stay tuned.

Source: USA Today.

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BuddhasMary said...

You can see the name on the camera? 'Witz' means 'Joke' in german aha genious!!

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