August 26, 2015

Jared Leto camped out with fans, because that's how he rolls

Aug 25, 2015

Hundreds of Thirty Seconds to Mars fans camped with the band in Malibu for three days, going on hikes and having meditation sessions with the rock stars

Jared Leto is everything but conventional, so when he announced his band Thirty Seconds to Mars would go camping with their fans no one was incredibly surprised. Camp Mars happened over the past three days in Malibu and it was all sorts of fun for the Echelon – the collective name undertaken by the band's fans. Aside from hanging with Jared Leto and his Joker-green hair, there were also cooking lessons with guitarist Tomo Milicevic and meditation sessions with Shannon Leto, drummer and co-founder of Thirty Seconds to Mars. Just to mention a few of the multiple activities available.

"It's been an insane and amazing adventure," Jared Leto wrote today on his Facebook page, captioning a black and white pic. I visited the Camp site on Saturday, attending the first of two concerts the band played on the grounds, in Malibu. Several hundred people were camping with the band, and a few hundred more showed up for the concert, which had an intimate feel to it. Leto was clearly relaxed and inspired, playing for almost two hours – a rare feat for the band – and revisiting several hits from the second album, 2005's A Beautiful Lie.

He also revealed they already have a number of new songs, as they prep their fifth studio album, but resisted the temptation to play them live. "We do have new songs," Leto said. "We can't play them because you have your stinky little phones."

Prices to camp with the band ranged from $399 one-day passes to super VIP packages costing almost $5,000. Everything was organized by Leto's Adventures in Wonderland, a company that sells VIP tickets and experiences for music fans. The high prices did not deter fans, as they flew in from countries like China, Australia, Israel, Italy and Germany. Everyone seemed thrilled by the experience, which included coffee making by Shannon Leto (he has created his own trading company, Black Fuel) and hiking with Jared. The actor-singer-entrepreneur said he would be very surprised if the band didn't repeat Camp Mars next summer.

The band will now travel to the Middle East and Europe for a handful of concerts. They also shared proceeds from the Camp will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Photo credit: Adventures in Wonderland (FB)

Jared Leto shared this photo on his Facebook profile, captioned: It's been an insane and amazing adventure ‪#‎CampMars‬

Source: The News Hub.

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