September 22, 2015

One $100 + three $25 Jared Leto Merch OR Mars Store Gift Cards Giveaway for Charity Action

Hi everyone!

As you may have already noticed, we are giving away ONE $100 Jared Leto Merch Gift Card OR a $100 Mars Store Gift Card as final prize + THREE $25 Gift Cards!! Continue reading for details. Are you excited?!

In first, we want to thank Y' ALL for the love and the continued support, even endless thanks cannot express our gratitude.

As you already know, we are running the #GiveHelp Project, based upon an idea by our crew leader Cinzia Leto, and we aren't afraid to admit that it has been so amazing get a chance to help a bunch of people in need, even if unfortunately we couldn' t help anybody.

Lisa, from our team, personally knows @Giorgia6277, they have worked together in Milan years ago and they were good friends. Giorgia has contacted us on Twitter and via email, saying that she needed help, asking more details about #GiveHelp and mentioning Lisa. Of course they have talked directly, then.

Giorgia is seeing some very dark places in these days, HERE you can get more details about her BUT you can be sure the situation is getting worse everyday. We personally know what means be sad, sick, alone, to fight against anxiety and / or depression disorders, to be scared to lose everything, have a feeling that no one cares about you. NO. We just want to say NO. With YOUR help, Echelon, and in name of 30 Seconds To Mars, we can say NO to all that.

We thought a lot to find a way to help Giorgia but at the same time to get another chance to say "thank YOU" to the Echelon Family in a special way and we really hope this giveaway will put a smile on your face! The prize is GREAT, we are talking about a $100 Jared Leto Merch Gift Card OR a $100 Mars Store Gift Card AND there are three other prizes to win, we will also give away three $25 Gift Cards!

In order to be more precise, you'd know we usually don't ask for money BUT WE KNOW VERY WELL ALL DETAILS of this story and WE ARE REALLY SURE about the informations we are spreading around, otherwise WE'D NEVER ASK FOR DONATIONS. THIS MUST TO BE CLEAR.

One $100 + three $25 Jared Leto Merch / Mars Store Gift Card Giveaway for charity action RULES:

Donate on GoFundMe to help Giorgia to pay at least 2-3 months of her home rental and to get some medical treatments, she lost her dad and her mom can't help cuz she's the first who'd need money, her friends already gave her their support but they can't do it anymore. She needs medical treatments, she can't work and many bills must be payed, otherwise she'll lose home and more. She suffers also of anxiety and depression disorders.

If you donate E. 10 you have ONE chance to win the Gift Card, in case you decide to donate E. 20 you 'll get TWO chances, E. 30 = THREE chances etc. To extract the winner name randomly, we 'll write your names on some tickets ( Ex. if you have donated E. 30 there will be 3 tickets with your name, so you' ll have more chances to be extracted, etc.) then we'll put all tickets in a box and we'll extract the winner of the Gift Card when the campaign goal will be reached.

We will also give away some $25 Gift Cards, when Euro 500 (1 card) and Euro 1,500 (2 cards) will be reached.

NOTE: An additional $25 Gift Card could be given away to compensate eventual strong efforts to spread the giveaway around. So, if you can't donate and you don't find a donor, spread the word and you'd rewarded!

EVERYONE CAN DONATE! Even if the GoFundMe page asks an amount in Euro, you can easily convert USD in Euro and add there the correct amount in Euro (for example: $10 = 10 x 0,89 = E. 8,90) OR contact @JaredLetoPR on Twitter to get some help or if you prefer to donate via Paypal.

After donation, DM us via Twitter or email your full name, country and Twitter username to To contact you, just in case we'd need to, we' ll send you a direct message on Twitter.

NEWSFLASH: If really you can't donate even a few $, find a donor and you'll enter too! Ask to someone from your family and friends, promote the giveaway and contact people around or on social networks, we are sure you'll be able to find an amazing person available to donate.

Please spread the word as hard as you can about this giveaway, if you can't help, a TWEET, a RT or a post costs NOTHING! It's a charity action in the end and it's very important to make a difference and say NO, at least sometimes! Do that in honor of Thirty Seconds To Mars, 3 amazing persons who always taught us to follow our dreams and to fight for what we believe in. Let's do that!!

Good luck everyone!

-D. / -L.

UPDATE: Some amazing people have already donated and we are so PROUD of them.

Kenna, Liliana, Lucie, Wida, Silvia, Kerstin, Netty, Alessandra, Micha, Melissa, Emma, Irene, Dulce, Michelle, Caroline, Rachel, Amy, Polina, Tasha, Kimberly, Sheri, Susie, Laura and some anonymous are changing the world, right now.

We've extracted the first winner of a $25 Gift Card! Congrats to Melissa Rivas, @ilfirin_ on Twitter! Congratulations!

NEXT PRIZES: 2 $25 Gift Cards!!

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