May 14, 2016

30 Days Of Genius: Jared Leto, Academy Award Winning Actor + 30 Seconds To Mars Frontman

Jared Leto is not just an actor. When he immerses himself in his characters, he is also a writer, a detective, a psychiatrist. His creative process is built on asking questions. The kernel of truth that will ultimately lead him to a character could be anywhere, behind any face or within any memory. Jared believes that questions underlie the life of any creator, and finding the answers is not enough; you have to fight for the right to own them.

Jared Leto is an Oscar-winning actor with two decades of film and television roles under his belt. He has made critically acclaimed appearances in films like Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Dallas Buyers Club, and Suicide Squad, among others. His band Thirty Seconds to Mars has been making music since 1998 and sold over 15 million albums worldwide. He has directed several of their videos, including the MTV VMA-winning video for “The Kill.”

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