May 18, 2016

Watch Jared Leto and Drake Play 'Never Have I Ever' on 'Ellen'


Drake and Jared Leto go under the microscope on today's episode of Ellen when they play "Never Have I Ever" with the host -- and the results are super revealing. Like, has either one of them ever hooked up with a fan on tour? Have they ever sent a naked selfie or waxed something on their body? The answers might, or might not, surprise you.

"You know how the game goes," DeGeneres says to the pair as Drake appears to wince at the thought of what's coming next. "You just have to be honest. We're just asking for honesty here, that's what we're all about in this room." Ellen then starts firing off the probing questions ("Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person").

In another segment, DeGeneres attempts to get Drake to open up about his relationship with his friend Rihanna, but Drizzy wasn't willing to say as much about that topic. "Just friends? Only friends?" she asks as multiple shots of Rihanna backing up into Drake flash on the screen behind them. "That's friendship at its finest right there," Drake says with a smile.

Watch another video of Jared Leto at The Ellen Show HERE.

Source: Billboard.

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